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Though the world is conscious on a paper free operations, certain areas and processes are not been possible without printing hence printing and its cost is being inevitable in today’s world, so we as a four member team with an mix of professional and product experts had launched a new brand into Laser printing market on 25th April 2016 called LEVERAA. Being in the industry for over 15 years, we understood the requirements of market and end users in terms of laser printer consumables, so LEVERAA will be offering a quality product associated with affordable pricing.

Leveraa’s product were being manufactured under an contractual agreement, assembled in India and abroad with specific component selection to ensure the product reliability, quality output and delivery commitment.

"Experience the product, you will never think back!"


Why LEVERAA insists on New Cartridge?

Laser Toner cartridges or any consumables per say is been designed and manufactured only for one use, but in order to save a little, individuals/organisations are eventually compromising on the print quality and output associated with an erosion on the reliability of the printer by using refilled or remanufactured cartridges in which most of the components were reused without having any reliability test methods.

Should the cost of new cartridge being the factor for refill/remanufacture? Then the best and economical solution is to go with compatible cartridges;

  • Where the per page cost is affordable & economical,
  • Whole product is 100% new and being produced in a certified manufacturing base with meticulous quality control and testing procedures

The result of experiencing LEVERAA compatible cartridges would be;

  • No compromise on the quality output
  • No compromise on the page yield
  • No compromise on the machine reliability




An administration and sales office with Executive team members in corporate sales, Ecommerce, Accounts, Customer relations, stores and logistics are being stationed along with the support team to cater the best to its customers.

A warehousing space across the road, to store over 10,000 cartridges at a time with sufficient manpower and packaging facility to ensure that the goods are being shipped with care to its customers.



Leveraa will strive to create awareness across every user on the advantages of Compatible Laser Toner Cartridges over refilling. Leveraa will extend an unconditional support to every user in achieving the best print quality and output through its Compatible Laser Printer Cartridge & associated product line.


LEVERAA will set to establish its brand as an alternate solution to expensive printing by achieving the cost benefits through combination of economical alternates but without any compromise on quality.

"A brand with excellence"


From Director’s Desk

Dear Browser,
Printers and Printing has become inevitable in today’s business. Though we are conscious in saving green through electronic copies of business correspondences, certain business process and statutory requirements do call for printed document/s. In order to support on controlling the cost of laser printing in every form, LEVERAA had stepped into this market with 15 years of experience in understanding the requirements of South Asian market on quality, reliability and affordability.

Leveraa’s vision is to offer its range of products with best in output quality & reliability, but without deviating from its “Value for money” concept.

Refilling & Re-manufacturing of laser toner cartridges is been losing its charm due to the lack of consistency on product quality, output & reliability. An improper refilling could also lead to frequent printer servicing, which predominantly reduce down the life cycle of the printers. So in today’s world a large number of consumer’s decided to go with compatible cartridges that would offer them a “peace of mind” and also keep them away from surprises.

Leveraa offers wide range of Compatible Laser toner cartridges being designed to meet the market conditions and distributed through its distribution channels. Leveraa does also focuses through its corporate clients with value of money products to control their expensive spend over printing consumables.

We Leveraa hereby commit the best customer support to all direct and indirect customers through reliable products and services.

"LEVERAA - Right To Print!"

Best Regards,
S. Mahes Kumar

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Uzhaipalar Street,
Urumandampalayam, G N Mills Post,
Coimbatore – 641029, INDIA.

T : +91 422 2228600 (100 lines)
E : mail@leveraa.com